Aviation Science

Aviation and the Elementary Student: An Alternative Unit to Teach Forces and Motion
1 graduate credit - Instructor: Erron J. Sagen - This course will provide the elementary/middle teacher with the background to teach the four forces of flight to the intermediate grade student to meet the forces and motion benchmarks or learning targets of their district. It will provide the teacher with the ideas and the format to develop and integrate literature and hands-on science experiences for their students. The classroom teacher of today needs to teach science in connection with the other content areas in order to fully utilize the ever-shrinking minutes of the elementary day. This course will stress the importance of integration and the benefits of hands-on science experiences with the student learners while meeting basic physical science standards/learning targets through the exciting world of aviation.
Online course fee: $140.00
Aviation Science for Teachers, Administrators, and Guidance Counselors
3 graduate credits - Instructor: Dr. Lee Siudzinski - This course prepares elementary/middle school/high school teachers with the knowledge needed to bring aviation to the classroom. This course presents the science principles of flight, as well as the history of aviation, careers in aviation, and the future of flight.
Online course fee: $420.00