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Welcome to Adams State On-line. These outstanding STEM learning opportunities and special topics are made possible through a partnership between Adams State College and Advanced Learning Designs, both leaders in Educator Professional Development. All courses are offered for Graduate Credit.

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Aviation Science for Teachers, Administrators, and Guidance Counselors

3 graduate credits Instructor: Dr. Lee Siudzinski

Earth Science from Space: Our "Blue Marble" and the BIG PICTURE

1 graduate credit Instructor: Dr. A. Frederick (Fritz) Hasler

How to Become a "Green" School

1 graduate credit Instructor: James R. McGrath

Improving Learning (Literacy) Through Managing the Classroom Environment

1 graduate credit Instructor: Dr. Sherwood Williams

Discover Science Everywhere

1 graduate credit Instructor: Marni Pingel

A New Order For Teaching Optics In the Secondary Classroom

1 graduate credit Instructor: Jeff Elmer

Global Warming: Solutions for You, Your Community, Your Country, and the World

1 graduate credit Instructor: Dr. A. Frederick (Fritz) Hasler

Get Into the Book with Reading Strategies

1 graduate credit Instructor: Marni Pingel


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Preparing Your Computer

This course makes use of modern multimedia and web browser technology in order to deliver a rich instructional experience. You should make sure that your computer is set up to take full advantage of the course.

A high-speed Internet connection is recommended for using this course.

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